Hello, i'm ShaneMVP

I specialize in Logo Design, Brand Guidelines and Mobile App UI. Good design helps your business growth and build lasting relationships with your customers.

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My unique design style

I am self-taught designer without any design school. I struggled for a long time with finding my own unique style but i finally found that my style is based on minimalism. It's usally modern, mature and masculine.

My values and characteristics that drives me to always deliver top quality and improve myself:

Results Focused

Leading on from empathy and understanding, there needs to be a clear objective to the work we are doing. Great design should result in an outcome, and we should be clear about that outcome from the beginning.


A little self-doubt can be a good thing in the design world. It's self-doubt that ensures you are continually assessing your decisions and striving to do better. It’s healthy to question and challenge yourself!


Nobody knows it all. It’s good to keep growing and seeking new inspiration. Try new technology, share ideas with the wider creative community and never stop learning.


Clients don’t just want talent. They want to get to know someone they can count on. It’s important to be reliable, manage client needs, develop consistency and prove trustworthiness. It’s a sure road to a long and happy working relationship.

My working process

The design process of a graphic designer is a series of actions taken to convert ideas into reality.


This is how everything starts, gathering information about the project, products or services offered by the business and carefully reading the client's brief.


I brainstorm multiple ideas and find connections between them to identify a dominant idea. I refine my ideas until I come up with a solution that is realistic and technically feasible.


In this step, i am trying to take my idea to the paper. My favorite tool to sketch designs are pencil and paper. I always start a design with them. I find it fun and limitless.


I select 2 to 3 of my best concepts forward to be developed. I open Adobe Illustrator and take my sketches into the programm adjusting and correcting them to make the best outcome.

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